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A water line leak in a home can end up costing thousands of dollars in repairs you never saw coming. There’s never is a time for your water line to spring a leak, it is always a good time to call North Georgia Rooter to check or fix your line. If you suspect your water line has corroded, is leaking and causing your bills to skyrocket, or there’s something suddenly not right with your water pressure and volume, give us a call. Our trained service personal have been repairing water lines for years, and we will get your  flowing normal fast and efficiently.


Here are some common causes of water line failure:

Natural wear and tear of the water line

While water lines should last for over thirty years, bad plumbing is the number one reason for a pipe break before it should bust. The former plumber may not have installed a pipe properly or did not use sufficient fittings when installing outside pipes to interior ones. This is why it’s important to use a reliable plumber like North Georgia Rooter when dealing with your home or business!

Change in water temperature

If your water temperature changes, there will be a change in underground flow, causing soil to either move or swell. This will put pressure on your underground pipes and can make them bust or split as dirt underneath tries to bend or shift the pipe’s position.

Freezing and Thawing of Soil

A good plumber will install pipes below the frost line to avoid freezing and excessive movement of soil.

In Autumn, pressure is increased when the water temperature drops, affecting the pipe’s makeup. Because we live in the South, we like to help our clients on water line repairs and replacements throughout the fall and winter, since this is a common time for water lines to bust.



Symptoms of a Water Line Break

Smaller access to water
Less water pressure
Water spots in your yard and unusual puddles of water
Larger  water bills
New  sounds from your pipes 

Call us today at 706-998-2700 and we will repair your water line the correct way.

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